July 19, 2009

Some things just never change

Ya know how in high school there are clicks and some people for whatever reason just make others feel uncomfortable? Like they think they are better than you? Of course you do!

Well you would think that after 15 years of being out in the real world people would get over themselves and actually act like grown ups where social status and money aren't everything. I may not have money or social status but I have not done anything to anyone where I deserve to be treated like I am less of a person. I put on my britches one leg at time like everyone else. Even if you are well off, does your money make you such a snob that you have to be downright rude and not even speak to someone.

I guess my instincts in high school were right on. I just needed to be nice to that crowd but never really desired to be in that crowd. I am glad now that I wasn't because I really would hate to think that people thought of me as a stuck up snob who thinks that I am better than everyone else.