July 19, 2008

What would you do?

I had an mri done back in March. A week after it was done I called and the nurse said the results were normal. I went for my 4 month follow up and the first thing the Dr. H says is that he wants to check my thyroid because my mri showed a cyst on my thyroid. He could feel it in my neck.

When I got back to work the ladies said that I should have requested a copy of the results. I was in such shock that I didn't ask any questions. I called back and had them fax me the copy of the report. Not only does the report say I have a cyst but the dr that read the results recommended that I have an u/s to investigate it further. WTF? The dr didn't feel it was important enough to call me or forward the results to my family physician?

Not only was there a cyst on my thyroid but there is also a cyst or polyp in my sinus cavity. Did he not feel that this could be a source of headaches? I have migraines all the time and that is why I even see Dr. H. I have decided not to see this dr anymore since he has had such disregard for my health.

I go Monday to see my family physician and Tuesday for an u/s of my thyroid. Pray that it is nothing or that it can be easily taken care of.


Darla said...

Oh Wow and you were just going in for a check up? I would change Dr. I will keep your and your sweet family in my prayers. I hope for good results next weeks.