April 27, 2008

Pictures from the weekend

I had a busy weekend this weekend. Friday evening I went to a beauticontrol spa night. Saturday morning we had soccer from 9am until about 12:15pm. Then we had Kolby's birthday party at 2pm. Then on Sunday I had a Mary Kay party to go to.

Here are few pictures from Saturday's events.

Miss Gracie was jammin' to some tunes on the cd player and was not happy when anyone tried to help her with it. Oh the joys of an almost 2 yr old that wants to be so independent.

Gracie spyed me taking pictures of her and she decided to give me a grin.
This is Gracie's sister that was deep in thought watching "Bubba" play soccer. "Bubba" is on Brian's soccer team.
Meet the newest member of the Dragoo family. His older brother, Joel, plays on Adam's soccer team. He is only 11 days old and this was his second soccer game to attend. His first one he was only 4 days old.
This is Mario. He is one of our best soccer players on Adam's team. He was deep in thought while concentrating on the ball.

Here is Brian getting ready to kick the ball with an opponent close by ready to take the ball away.

Matthew enjoying a tasty chip with dip at Kolby's party.
After the chip and dip. You can see some of the dip on his mouth.
Kolby opening his first gift from his parents. He got a bb gun which is exactly what he wanted. You can tell by the look on his face that he was excited. And last but certainly not least, below is Kolby trying out his new mini skateboard that I gave him.

Relay for Life

I've added a counter to the right for a countdown to Relay for Life. Panola County's first Relay for Life will be June 6th to June 7th.

I am still taking donations for the Relay if anyone would like to donate. It is tax deductible. For those that do not know, Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society's largest fundraiser each year. ACS provides all sorts of resources for victims of cancer to help them during their battle and recovery with cancer.


Damon is still off work and from the Short Term Disability papers that the doc filled out. He expects him to be off for an additional 5-6 weeks. He is still hurting and his BP has been boucing around. Yesterday it was 140 something over 112 with his pulse 114. We will make another call to the cardiologist tomorrow to see if he received the results from the heart cath yet.

April 15, 2008

Finally home!!

After being in the hospital for 5 days, Damon is finally home. The doc didn't believe the minor blockages he saw were the source of the pain. However, Damon has not had any chest pain since the procedure. We can't help but think that the doc knocked something loose when he put the catheter in and injected the dye.

Of course, the stay would not have been complete without Damon scaring the crap out of me and nurse. About 7:30 this morning, Damon woke up and felt fine other than being a little sore. He went to roll over and all hell broke loose. He was in excruciating pain where his cath was put in. We aren't sure what caused the pain but it put him into shock for about 15 minutes. The shock is what scared us so bad because his BP dropped to 90/57 and his pulse was really low. They did a CT scan and EKG almost immediately after his BP came back up. They wanted to make sure he wasn't bleeding out at the procedure site on the inside. Once the doc got the results, he ordered an ultrasound of the area just to be certain that everything was fine in the area.

All turned out well and Damon did fine the rest of the day other than a little dizziness and getting winded when he walks too far. Of course those are probably just from being in the bed all weekend.

April 14, 2008

update on heart cath

The doc came out around 5:30 saying they were done. He saw a few minor blockages but nothing he wanted to do anything about. He said he would run a fasting cholesterol test in the morning and then we could go home.

So we have no answers on what is causing the pain. Damon has already stated he is less likely to go to the dr now because they never seem to find anything wrong with him. He did just state that the dr suggested that he get his gallbladder checked because that can apparently cause the same symptoms that he was experiencing.

Who knows if we will get that done. After a 50k hospital bill I'm sure Damon won't go see a doc for several years now.

Heart Cath

Well, Damon has been in the hospital all weekend. He was admitted straight from the md's office to the hospital to get control of his pain and to watch him. We waited all weekend for a transfer from GSMC in Marshall to Longview Regional due to our insurance.

He is having constant chest pain that only subsides after taking a nitro pill. Within a couple of hours he is hurting again. The hospital has controlled the pain for the most part with nitro and nubain. We finally got our transfer to regional at about 2:30 pm. By the time I got here, Damon was already in his room so I got him registered and everything. I got up to the room only to find that he has to share a room with 75+ yr old man. And OMG the room reaks of old and stinks so bad. I decided to go down and try to get him moved to a private room. Well wouldn't you know they didn't have any available. When I talked to the nurse, she informed me that the cath lab nurses were waiting in his room for me.

So I get back in the room to find that they have him loaded up and ready to go to the cath lab. So I sit here alone waiting for an update on how things are going and if they will find anything wrong with my husband. I have no friends or family to sit with me because we had no idea they were going to be doing the heart cath this evening. We figured they wouldn't do it simply because Damon had eaten lunch at noon. So they just have him more nubain and are deadening the area with a local anesthetic and proceeding.

I'm really not sure how I am feeling at this moment. I am relieved that we were finally moved to Regional due to insurance issues. But then again I am nervous due to all the possibly things that could go wrong. I should be so worried since Brian has had two heart cath's in the last four years. I think I am just worried about the unknown. I am stressed because I have no one here with me to take my mind off of things.

So, to pass the time I am blogging about the occasion. I should be getting updates soon. I will update you all once I have some answers.

April 08, 2008

Ugh .. the hubby is stubborn

Today, Damon calls me at 10am and tells me that he wants me to call the dr to see if they can see him today. I ask him why and he tells me he is having chest pains that radiate down his left arm and up his neck. I told him he needed to go to the ER but he would have no part of it. So I call the dr and they ask if he is having tightness in his chest or if he is feeling faint or nauseous.

I called him back to ask the questions the nurse had asked me. He tell me that he was feeling faint. He tells me he will just wait until 2:15 when he has a dr's appt. That just wasn't sitting well with me so I called him back and tried to convince him to go the ER. He finally agreed. Probably just to shut me up.

So I took off to Kilgore to get him and called him brother to tell him what was going on. He tells me he is closer than I am so he would go get him. Turns out he drove up like a minute before I did. I got Damon and headed to the ER. We get there and go to triage and they take him straight back.

They did a full cardiac work up on him. After 4 hours in the ER, they tell him that his cardiac tests came back fine and diagnosis him with unspecified chest pain and acute chest wall pain. They also scheduled him for a stress test on Thursday. Of course, all I am hearing is "see I told you I didn't need to go to the ER". I am trying to convince him that since his daddy died at 40 yrs old from a heart attack he needs to take these signs seriously because one day he going to think it is just another false alarm and then it is going to be too late.

Why do men have to be so stubborn? I have just got rid of my headache that I had all day long from worrying about him.

April 06, 2008

Check it out

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Pictures, pictures, pictures

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately. I am trying to get them uploaded onto my website right now. I have taken senior pictures of my friend's son and I also took prom pictures of both her boys and their dates. That was all last weekend.

This weekend I went and took prom pictures for another friend's son at a different school. It was fun taking pictures of them but I could tell the girlfriend was getting tired of taking pictures. Have you ever seen a camo prom dress? If not, here is a picture of one.


Well, soccer season has started and is in full swing. We had our first games on Saturday. Adam and Wade both had a game at 9am and Brian wasn't until 11:30am. Adam's got started on time or maybe even a little early because we had a referee. Wade's, however, didn't get started on time. At Adam's halftime Damon and I switched so that he could watch Adam play. I got down to see Wade just as they were starting. By the time Wade's team got to half time, Adam's game was over and Damon got to watch Wade play too. Adam's team won and Wade's team lost. Of course, Wade's team had only gotten to practice one time due to all the rain last week. After Wade's game, we went home to put on warmer clothes since we froze during their games. Then we went back to the ball park to watch Brian play. Brian's team lost too. I think that was because the team they were playing had a lot of players that were returning from the Fall and they knew what they were doing. Brian's team only had 2 people that had played in the Fall.

Oh well, they had fun. All three boys got to play goalie and did very well. Wade has played before so he acted like he knew what to do. Brian acted as if he was scared of the ball. He didn't do much to go out of his way to stop the ball. Adam just wasn't too sure about it at all. He has been excited to play all week and then when it came down to it he just wasn't sure of what to make of it. Hopefully, next weekend it will be warmer for them.