August 19, 2006

New pictures

Here is a slide show of sorts of the new pictures we took a couple of weeks ago.

August 10, 2006

Follow up Groin

Yesterday was the followup with the surgeon to get the results of the cat scratch fever test results. Damon went with us to hear what Dr. M had to say. We get in there and he tells us that the test results were negative and that normally he would biopsy the swollen lymph node but since Wade appears to be better he doesn't want to traumatize him like that and he would prefer to take a wait and see approach.

I had brought the pictures of his rash that had appeared the same day that he had started complaining of the groin with me to show him and I also asked him if it was possible that it could be possible that he might have Tularemia. I asked because he has a general not feeling well and headache and my dad had just been diagnosed with this since had been biten by a tick and Wade has been at their house and in the woods with my dad and it is very possible for him to have gotten a tick on him. The dr got very concerned and said just one moment and left the room and then come back and said ok Dr. H will see you downstair right now.

Dr. H is the pediatrician. We went down two floors to see Dr. H and I took her the pictures of the rash from 7/28 and 7/29 and she agreed that it didn't really look like poison oak and she wished I had just brought him in to see her that day. I told her that I called the phone nurse and she claimed to have not received the call on Friday. She told me in the future to not even bother calling the phone nurse if he has something weird like that to just call and tell appointments that I need an appointment immediately per Dr. H and bring him in that day.

So, back to the groin thing, the lymph node has gone down so we are taking a wait and see approach and if Wade starts to run a fever for no apparent reason then I am to bring him in or if he breaks out in another rash for no apparent reason. She spoke with the infection disease dr on staff and she agreed Dr. H decision to take the wait and see approach because giving Wade the antibiotics for Tularemia would be more harmful than good if he doesn't have it.

August 02, 2006

Painful Groins

On Friday, Wade complained of pain in his groin area. When I tried to examine the area he just about jumped out of his skin. I had my husband look at it because he has had a hernia in the area before and that is what he figured it might be. So on Monday I called and scheduled an appt to get it looked at.

Tuesday morning we go in to get the groin pain checked on. The doc checks it out and can tell something is there but isn't sure if it is a hernia or swollen lymph node. So she schedules us with a surgeon for 1:15 that afternoon. Great... I have to kill almost 4 hrs in a town that I have nothing to do. FUN!!

We filled out the paperwork at the surgeon's office...that took all of 15 minutes....its now 9:30...hmm what to do now. Off to Hobby Lobby we go. We walk around slowly. Wade gets bored easily. He finds a cheap toy with two small wooden airplanes and 3 parachutes men in it. We get it and leave. Crap it is only 10am. We go to Old Navy since they just reopened. Look around a little bit, go next door to Office Depot to look at envelopes like Lisa suggested (what size did you get Lisa?), then we go next door to Books a Million...ah a place to kill some time. We stayed a little while then he got bored again and was ready to go. We is still only 11am. So we go eat lunch at Wendy's (his choice...I was going to choose a place with a playground). We are done by 11:30 so we go to a park type place that has track to walk on and we went and walked for 30 minutes. Then we just sat in the truck with the a/c for a while. Finally 1pm rolled around and we could go to the dr's office.

We saw Dr. M. This was the most redneck surgeon I have ever seen. He came in with scrubs on, his hospital white coat, and these rubber boots like you would see someone wearing fishing or hunting. He even had a dip in his mouth. LOL. He tells Wade he needs to see examine his parts and tells him he isn't sure what he calls them and then says "umm your gonads, nuts...what do you calls them?" So Wade nuts" Of course Wade was nervous anyway so he didn't like having a man examining his parts. Dr. M thought his right testicle has gone back up in him so he sent us for an u/s at 2:30. Great more waiting.

Funny story: After the doc left the room, Wade stuck his hand down in his pants and I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I know it was there so I'm checking to see where it went?"

I told him ... "well son you are looking on the wrong side he said it was the right side"

He says, "oh yeah that's right" so he checks the right side and says "its there, I knew it was".

We go at 2:30 for the u/s. The lady was real nice but she scared the crap out of me at the end. It took about an hour of her doing the scan. She first did his scrotum to make sure his "nuts" were where they were supposed to be and they both were. So she goes up to the area where it was painful and you could definately see something there. She couldn't tell me if it was a lump/mass, whole or what. She took lots of pictures and then tells Wade to stay there while she goes to talk to the radiologist to see if he wants any more pictures or to see if he wants to look at it himself. Ten minutes later she comes back and says ok get dressed and go back up stairs to the surgeons office and he will give you the results the radiologist just talked to him.

So back upstairs we go. We found out it was not a hernia but a swollen lymph node. So he sends us downstairs for bloodwork to check for Cat Scratch Fever. Well he hasn't been around any cats so I know it isn't that but yet we have to wait the 3-5 days for the test results because they want to rule that out first.

So I'm a nervous wreck now that I have done internet searches on what it could be. Let's hope the nurse is right and it is just an infection somewhere.

Illness has taken hold of the household again

Most of July was consumed with me recovering from surgery on June 30th and then a post op infection. Then on Friday July 28th the daycare calls to say that Wade has a rash on his hands and face and they wanted me to come get him. So I do and upon getting him I determine he has come in contact with something he is apparently allergic to and he has scratched and therefore spread it to his face and neck. I made a call to the dr's office on Friday because of the rash but also because of he was complaining of some pain in his groin area(will explain this in another post). They didn't bother to call me back...this made me angry. But we just kept up the Benadryl and hydrocortizone cream. Saturday morning rolls around his poor face was horrible.

After another call tot he dr's office, they finally called back and called him in some steriods. Within 2 hours his face was looking 75% better. We have decided it must have been poison oak from a tree that was cut down on Thursday that caused the break out.

July 11, 2006

I work in Antarctica

Or so it seems lately. Even though it is a blistering 95 degrees outside it is a very chilly 65 degrees inside. Despite many protests and many pleas it seems it is either an all or nothing thing. We can either have it hotter than Hades inside or a meat locker...take your pick. Management apparently picked meat locker.

I am frequently going to the restroom to run my hands under warm water to warm them up and taking my breaks outside just to warm up because this is insane. I should not have to come dressed for winter in the middle of the summer. I am writing this sitting here with my fleece jacket on and my fleece blanket wrapped around me and wish I had some kind of snow boots on because my toes are like ice cubes.

Until next time...

July 10, 2006

Cross your fingers

We are currently trying to sell our mobile home. Cross your fingers that the people accept our asking price and want to buy it soon because we could really use the money.

Non stop Fighting

Does it ever stop?

It seems that since the summer has started there has been non stop fighting in this household amongst the boys. If it isn't Brian and Wade it is Wade and Adam. It drives me insane. And over nothing most of the time. Brian instigates a lot of the fights that start between him and Wade so I think Wade in turn thinks he has to start fights between him and Adam.

Take this weekend for example. Brian was supposed to have had a friend come over Saturday to stay the night. When it came time to go get him, Brian called to get exact directions to his house and he wasn't home. He continued to call until 8pm. Brian was hurt and upset. So instead of ranting and raving about it he just was a PITA and took it out on Wade instead. He wanted to be mean and hateful and turn off the tv. Not just turn it off on the tv...I mean turn it off, unplug it, unplug the satellite, everything so it takes Wade a good 15 minutes to hook it all back up just to watch TV. I'm telling you he was being a little PITA.

Wade in turn just takes stuff away from Adam since he is only 3. He won't let him follow him around, etc. Typical stuff that 7 year olds do and 3 year olds don't understand and then throw in a few random punchs and a few "oh I'm sorry I didn't mean it" with me saying "yeah right".

So here I sit at midnight night in the nice peace and quiet enjoying my alone time. I really should be sleeping since I have to get up in less than 6 hours to go to work. But for some reason I can't seem to unwind and go to sleep. I'm enjoying my alone time way to much after all the bickering and fighting today.

Argh...the life in a house full of testosterone....where's the calgon when you need it?

July 09, 2006

Punk Ass Thieves

Transferred from Myspace, posted on July 4th 2006

Ok so we just moved to this house a month ago. We've be leary about bring the kids bikes over because we really don't have a place to store them outside. We finally went and got the kids bikes and brought them to the house on Saturday. Well we had them here all of 2 days and some punk ass theif stole my oldest son's bike out of our back yard. Naturally I can't afford to run out and buy him a new Mongoose bike like he had right now. He's distraught because he loved that bike. He got it for his birthday. We called the cops and made a police report but it is very unlikely they will ever recover it.

Just really sucks that some little $hit had to come take my baby's bike.

Update on my procedure

Transferred from Myspace, posted on June 30th 2006

Turns out I was worried for nothing really. I mainly had scar tissue from my 2 previous c-sections and from my tubal that had attached itself in places that it didn't need to be. The doc detached those areas and then she drained 2 small cysts on my right ovary. Hopefully I'll be good to go in a few days because right now I hurt worse than I did after I had both c/s. This sucks because the pain meds aren't touching the pain. I guess it is just soreness from them moving stuff around but DAMN this sucks.

Anyway theres the update. At least it is over and hopefully I will feel better next week and not in constant pain.

Going under the knife

Transferred from Myspace, posted on June 29th 2006

I can't tell my husband how scared I am right now because he tells me I am being silly and not to worry because they will not find anything tomorrow. I can't tell my mom or my any other family members because they will all tell me the same thing. I can't tell me friends inevitably they all tell me "don't worry everything will be fine".

But why don't I feel like everything will be fine? Why do I have this gut feeling they are going to go out and give my husband desvistating news tomorrow? The ironic thing is I'm not really worried about myself. I'm worried my husband and how he would handle the "bad" news if the doc the news that I just have this gut feeling she will find.

You see my husband do well with illness and the fear of losing family members and I am so afraid of how he will handle any potential bad news especially since he would be alone when he got the news. Maybe my gut is wrong this time but I've just had this bad feeling for the last few weeks and I can't seem to shake it.

Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow.

Pixel Perfect Signatures

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Over The Hedge

Transferred from Myspace posted on May 29th 2006

This was a great movie. We laughed even though we didn't have our kids with us. It was just me, my husband, brother-in-law, and my friend Christie.

We originally went to Shreveport to go to the Mudbug festival. We found it to be boring so we left there and went ot the Boardwalk. This was the first time my husband and I had been over there. It was very impressive. We ate at the Buffalo Bar & Grill. From what I am told you should really try their Buffalo Zoo drink if you like to drink. We then walked around a bit more and decided we should kill some time by seeing a movie. We decided on Over the Hedge even though we had no kids with us. It was great.

Once the movie was over we killed some time by going to Bass Pro Shop. My husband was in heaven there. He would love to spent all his money there since he loves to fish. Around 9pm we decided to head back to the parking garage. This was a huge mistake. Apparently everyone was trying to leave at the exact same time. And whoever did the plans for that parking garage was an idiot. They only had one exit whole for all levels. We sat there for 2 freaking hours trying to get out of that damn place.

Other than the parking garage incident we had a wonderful time and it was so nice to spend a Saturday without kids. I just hope we can do it again sometime.

WTF is wrong with teachers nowadays

Transferred from Myspace which was posted on May 22nd 2006

My middle son's teacher is such a witch.

I have had nothing but trouble out of this witch all year. If my child doesn't write perfectly the teacher counts off for it and you would think the damn world was going to end because his damn m's aren't touching the lines. He is in the damn first grade woman get a grip.

So last week she sends a little nasty gram home telling us that he just isn't performing at first grade level and she wants a parent teacher conference....umm school ends in 1 1/2 it's a little late bitch. Besides that we had already gotten all his standardized test scores and he had passed all the tests and didn't really good on them. After I got the little nasty gram I called the counselor and talked to her and she pulled his file and said "well I show here that he passed the required material and is passed the 2nd grade".

I had already commented to my husband last week that W was already doing harder work than B did in the 1st grade. I don't remember B reading that well and doing hard of math problems in 1st grade. And doing ABC order in 1st grade. But yet W isn't performing up to 1st grade level.

Here is the real kicker...W was so excited this weekend when he realized that he only had 4 days of school left. Then I made the comment that he would get to go to the new school next year when he goes to 2nd grade. He says "no I don't I have do stay in my school that I am at this year because Mrs. M says I am failing 1st grade". I told him no he wasn't. And he says yes I am just look at my work you can look at my papers and I have failing grades and I am going to fail first grade. Mrs M says I am going to fail first grade because I just can't do the work and I am not good enough to go to 2nd grade.

OMG I wanted to hunt the witch down and kick her ass right then. Thank god it was a Sunday and I don't know where she lives. I have calmed down a little bit and decided it might be best if I just talk to the principal and let them talk to the teacher because I might say something I regret but I refuse to let that witch get away with talking to my son that way and making him feel worthless and telling him he is failing when in fact he is passing and failing very few papers that he has brought home.

God I hate very few people and this woman is one of them.

Dr's office's are supposed to get it right

Transferred from Myspace, posted on May 22nd 2006

A little back story here my oldest son got a rusty fish hook in his calf on Saturday and so we had go today to get a tetanus shot. I should have known it was going to be a bad afternoon when I got behind every single slow person possible. It took me nearly an hour to get there when it normally only takes 45 minutes.

Any way, we get there and the nurse gives him the tetanus shot and they go ahead and give him the other half of his hep A shot. B isn't happy about it but he does fine. He asks to go to Wal-Mart after we are done so we do. While we are there my cell phone rings. It is the dr's office. The nurse asks if I am still in town. I say that I am and ask why and she proceeds to tell me that she gave B the wrong shot and it won't hurt him but he must have the tetanus shot so I need to bring him back to the dr's office. She also assures me that I won't be charged for the MMR shot that they mistakenly gave him and the tetanus shot they are going to give him correctly when we return. Which I could care less if they are going to charge me for the tetanus shot since that is what I came for in the first place but I'll be damned if they are going to charge me for a damn shot he wasn't supposed to get in the first place.

The dr assures us that B will be fine with his SVT and he is just extra protected against MMR & chicken pox now. I know people make mistakes and all but damn what if my child had been allergic to that shot. What if it this somehow causes B to go into an SVT spell. I already stress enough worrying if my child is going have an SVT spell and I don't need to worry about the damn nurse screwing up and me wondering whether he is going to have a spell or not.