January 13, 2008

College classes & more

I ended up passing the two previous college classes that I posted about with a 4.0 GPA. However, the next two classes I had I had to drop because I because too overwhelmed with everyday life. The stress of worrying about my family got to me and I was unable to focus and that was effecting my classes. I chose to drop them. I will take them back up when I am better able to focus and manage my time.

The worry I was speaking of was my sister had a lump appear in her thyroid. When she was 16 she had thyroid cancer and they removed one side of her thyroid. So we were terrified that it had returned. We finally got results after the first of the year that it was benign. My uncle had to have a kidney removed due to a mass in his kidney. Turns out it was renal cell carcinoma. My grandfather passed away on Dec. 18th. My friend, Marie, that I have known since the first grade, her father passed away the very next morning. My husband's grandmother had congestive heart failure due to her aortic valve not working and had to have open heart surgery the Thursday before Christmas. Thankfully she came through with flying colors. I did find out last night that she was released from the hospital last Thursday. So as you can see, I have been under tremendous stress.

I read on a friends blog about a challenge to post a photo a day. I think I will try to do that. Of course I am already 12 days behind. So I will have to find 12 photos and post them. But as least you should get a post a day out of me.