January 20, 2008

Do you ever wonder....

Do you ever wonder if one day when you are gone if you will be forgotten? You hope you aren't but in reality overtime, your distant great-great-great grandchildren or other relatives will most likely not know much about you or where you are even buried.

As Damon and I drove around today looking for interesting things to "shoot", I remembered about this old abandoned cemetery with about 10 graves just right off the main highway. So we went to check it out even though it was 40 degrees outside. The oldest grave there was 111 years old. The newest was a Sergeant in the military that had passed in 40's. Most of the graves were between 1910-1920. This particular stone for Emma Young shows that she passed in Feb. 1899, that makes this stone 109 years old in Feb.

You can tell someone does somewhat maintain the area because it is no longer overgrown as it once was. But still it could use some major work.
As you can see by these two pictures, one is overgrown and the other is about to be taken over. In the spring, when the trees are in full grown and bloom, you will not be able to see these stones most likely. This is a shame. I am going to contact a local historian and see if she knows who maintains the old cemetery. If there is no one in particular, then I may go out there myself this spring and trim back the trees just so these stones can be seen and will not be forgotten. You can really learn a lot from a cemetery if you go and look at the dates and do a little research on the family.

Another interesting thing about this cemetery was the fact that there was a memorial for a member of the Woodsmen of the World. The stone is almost 95 years old but it still looks magnificent and the detail is extraordinary.

Look at the intricate details put into making the hammer and axe put on the stone that looks like an old tree. It is truly astounding that this stone was make 95 years ago in 1913. There is also amazing detail put into the sign that looks like it is hanging on the tree with Mr. Dukes details and the Woodsmen of the World logo. Here is a full shot of the memorial. You may notice that there is a grave located directly behind Mr. Duke. That was his wife's grave. I found that very interesting that his wife was buried behind him instead of beside him considering he died 17 years before she did.