March 17, 2008

Corporate BS!!

Let me just start with the fact that I am ecstatic that I no longer work for a huge corporation. A corporation that claims to be family friendly, but in reality they don't care about family. All they care about is making money and requiring the peons to work 5+ hours of overtime a week and every other Saturday. They are so involved with getting more business yet they have no desire to get more help. They expect the same 250-300 people to be able to handle 1+ million members and their claims.

Seriously, if they want to keep their employees, they need to focus on being more family oriented and trying to make the employees comfortable instead of them being miserable all day long from lights that are so blinding that the employees have to wear tinted glasses and/or prescription sunglasses just to make it through the day. Also, these same people are having to take thousands of dollars worth medicines and have thousands of dollars worth of tests run to figure out the headaches and to help prevent them.

Also, it is pretty crappy to require let 100+ people have their own chairs from home yet just because you get a new maintenance head honcho you want to suddenly not allow people to use their own chairs that are more comfortable and more ergonomic and support the back better. Seriously, doesn't it make more sense to let you employees be comfortable since they do spend 8+ hours a day there in front of computer.

If management would care more for the employees and try to make them a little more comfortable and happy, they might get more production done. It is really asinine of them to preach to us about production and then take us away from doing our jobs 3 days a week for 30 min to an hour for a meeting about nonsense that could have been discussed in an email. And if quality was more the focus then their would be less cleaning up to do after people that are pushed to put out more production sacrificing their quality. If there were some repercussions to those that sacrifice quality then maybe they would slow down and do things right the first time.

And the management really needs to think logically about their new policy for PTO and Flex time. Come on now people....what is the point of flex time if you have to schedule it. And how in the work are 500+ people going to be allowed to take their PTO days if you are only allowing 3 people off at one time. There are not enough days in the year to allow everyone time to take their 15-20 days of time off that they have accrued each year.

I'm just thrilled that I no longer have to deal with this since I quit last Friday.


Marie said...

Congrats on the change! I hope everything works out well.