March 20, 2008


Today we buried sweet, precious, tiny Ava Gail. She only lived for 3 hours on March 18th but she was so precious. I have to say that a baby's funeral is the worst of any funeral I have every been to. I felt so sorry and horrible for Andi and Robert. I wanted to hold Andi during the service but she was surrounded by Robert and Grandmother.

Poor Grandmother. She should not have to bury a son when he was just 3 days old, then her husband in 1980, then her other son in 1984, and her daughter is 2005. Now she had to bury her great grand daughter. She was so heartbroken.

How do you console someone that has buried that many of their children/great grandchild/husband? Not to mention all of her brothers and sisters and parents. How do you console a grieving parent that has lost not 1 infant but two and it has not even been 3 years since her mama passed away?

I hope that I can eventually give Andi a little comfort with the pictures of Ava for her to keep. She had expressed to me how much she wished she had pictures of her first baby, David. I hope Andi will want the pictures but I will not present them to her until she asks for them. She does know that someone took pictures of her but I'm not sure if she knows who.


Damon said...

No matter what certain people thought about what you did, I believe it was the most heartfelt and sincere way that you could provide comfort to Andi. In a way, Andi will always be able to hold her Ava Gail.