July 19, 2008

What would you do?

I had an mri done back in March. A week after it was done I called and the nurse said the results were normal. I went for my 4 month follow up and the first thing the Dr. H says is that he wants to check my thyroid because my mri showed a cyst on my thyroid. He could feel it in my neck.

When I got back to work the ladies said that I should have requested a copy of the results. I was in such shock that I didn't ask any questions. I called back and had them fax me the copy of the report. Not only does the report say I have a cyst but the dr that read the results recommended that I have an u/s to investigate it further. WTF? The dr didn't feel it was important enough to call me or forward the results to my family physician?

Not only was there a cyst on my thyroid but there is also a cyst or polyp in my sinus cavity. Did he not feel that this could be a source of headaches? I have migraines all the time and that is why I even see Dr. H. I have decided not to see this dr anymore since he has had such disregard for my health.

I go Monday to see my family physician and Tuesday for an u/s of my thyroid. Pray that it is nothing or that it can be easily taken care of.

July 14, 2008

Awards Night

l to r: Marliese, Tanya, me, Nancy (our director) and Becky

Mary Kay has been very rewarding. Where else can you have an excuse to get together with your girlfriends and have fun with makeup? You also get prizes and recognition.

Tonight we had a lovely dinner at Celebrations on Crosslake in Shreveport, LA. We got to dress up fancy and have lots of fun with our Mary Kay family.

July 13, 2008

Update on Damon

Here is a follow up to this post. Damon is still off work. He has had lots of tests run and has seen 5 different physicians and no one can figure out what is wrong with him. He is now going to go to the VA so we will not have to pay for anything.

He still has the chest pain and extreme fatigue especially upon exertion.


I recently made a trip to Austin and overall it was a good trip. I went with a friend to attend a seminar with the TCFV (Texas Counsel on Family Violence) Survivor's Caucus. I went as a Mary Kay Consultant to help pamper the ladies that have been victims of domestic violence.

The TCFV put us up in the Marriott which was really nice. We went down on Friday evening. On our way, we stopped to visit with Stacie and to see her beautiful home and her new son. He is so precious. He was unhappy when we got there and only his mama could make him happy. This is a picture of Blake. He looks scared to death.

On Saturday after the seminar, we decided to go eat at the Texas Land & Cattle. If you have never eaten there, be warned that it is pricey. It was good and the service was great but man for an appetizer, iced tea, meal and dessert it was $35 for one person.

On Sunday, we made our way to the Capital. On the drive down Congress Ave., we saw quite a few interesting sites. I think the funniest site had to of been the Superman on the side of the road. We stopped to take a picture and realized that it wasn't a statue but rather a person. I told Shawn to wave at him to see if he would wave back and he did. It wasn't long before the public transportation arrived and Superman got on the bus.

Where we stopped to take a picture of superman just happened to be a really cool plant nursery. There was a beautiful water wheel with the name The Great Outdoors on it. We decided to go look around because it just looked so inviting and beautiful. Inside we found lots of interesting things. There were huge windchimes, metal sculptures, beautiful plants, and a huge elephant made out of fertilizer.

After we spent about an hour of explore The Great Outdoors, we decided to head on down to the capital. We explored the capital and grounds for about two hours and decided it was time to head home. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. Books really do not do it justice. The is so much intricate detail in the design of the capital right down to the hinges. Here are pictures from the Capital.
This was the view walking up to the capital.

This was the few from the 2nd floor looking up towards the dome.

Here was a waste of taxpayer's money. This chandelier's light bulbs
spelled T-E-X-A-S. There were two of them in the Senate.

Notice the detail on the doorknobs.

And all of the hinges looked like this.

Here was one of the many gorgeous fountains out front.

4th of July

We spent the 4th with Mary Jo and her family. It was nice to see Mary Jo and her family again. Tootie was especially cute and she and Adam quickly became buddies. Josh was so friendly to all of my boys by showing them around and letting them play his Wii and just overall watching over them so that Mary Jo and I could catch up and cook.

After dark, we had fireworks which were very interesting when you think you have a fountain and you set it off up close and it turns out to be an aerial and catches the tree on fire. Her are a few photos from the night.

Tootie posing for a picture

Another sparkler picture

One of the many aerial blast.
Another aerial blast towards the end.

The last shot fired. So beautiful.

July 12, 2008

It's been a while....

I got the most fantastic news tonight from my friend, Mary Jo. Her granddaughter has been fighting ALL for over 2 yrs. In June they were told that "Tootie" was in remission and that her last chemo treatment would be around Thanksgiving. Well I got word tonight that they have moved her last treatment date to August 1st. Prayers have been answered for this child and her family.

This is a recent picture of "Tootie". Isn't she so cute?