November 25, 2008


We are still waiting in limbo to close on our house. It has been one delay after another. We finally got the papers to the finance company November 17th. Now we are waiting on the appraiser. Ugh!! We just want to close and get moved. Hopefully at this point we will be all moved in before Christmas. We have missed the original promise of Oct.31st and now we are about to surpass the 2nd promised date of Nov 28th.

Not only were we promised to have already been in our house, we were promised several remodels. We were told we could have a side by side refrigerator. We were told it won't happen they will only put a regular fridge in there. We were told they would paint all walls and the kitchen cabinets. We found out they won't paint one bathroom and the kitchen/dining/utility room. We were told they would paint the kitchen cabinets brown and now we find out they won't. Supposed they have to repaint them the original color of white. We were also told we could get a ceramic flat top stove

So now I will have to paint once we move in. The bathroom and kitchen/dining/utility room are a hideous pink flower wallpaper. Well I guess I could pick out my own wallpaper now.