December 01, 2008

Our Typical Hometown Christmas Parade

Most Christmas parades have Christmas floats, but not ours...we have horses, four wheelers, trucks jacked way up for muddin', shriner's, tracters, hot rods, tow trucks, oil rig trucks and of course the Santa on the firetruck at the end. I'll take you through our parade...

We start with the flags

Then the grand marshall

And of course the high school band

And what's a parade without Smoky the Bear and his owl sidekick

The theme of our parade was Santa's Toyland. Devon seemed to have gotten close the theme.

Now in no particular order but plenty of commentary.

The Cloggers are a yearly float and they are festive and entertaining.

What's a parade without lots of advertising? We had cellphones, towing trucks, drilling rigs, mexican restuarant, radio station, port-o-pottys, taxi, & bail bonds (seriously!! Do we need to advertise bail bonds at a parade?).

Of course, no parade is complete without our local cheerleaders & Butch. Thought their minivan was rather cute & original.

And what kind of local parade would it be without horses, lawnmowers, and tracters? Here we have the Rodeo Queens, The Antique Tracters Assn., and not real sure about the mini horse and lawn tracter.

Can't remember what this van was for but heck lets all put a van in the parade, add a christmas stuffed animal as a hood ornament and call it decorated for the parade.

Naturally we have to have the kids from Rowe's Performing Arts.
I believe we had a ballerina and toy soldiers from their Nutcracker Performance.

What's a parade without the Shriner's and the cool cars that they drive super fast?

Now here is the kicker....where else but my hometown in Rural America would you see jacked up trucks that are used for entertainment aka muddin'? We had not 1 or 2 of these trucks but 8. Actually I think there were more than 8 but I didn't get pictures of them all.

Here is a float that I thought was neat. Had a really moving picture on it.

And of course, the grand finale....Santa on the firetruck.


Shannon said...

Love your commentary. This was actually Eric's first year to see the Christmas Parade, and I think he was rather impressed with the Carthage High School Band. Because he went to school in Gary, where there is no band, he had no idea what that would be like. I agree, that only in small towns like ours do you see the jacked up trucks, port-o-potties and drilling companies, etc. This year I think was a little disappointing, but hey, the kids love it. Kids these days are so lucky... even the cheerleaders rode in a van. I remember when we were little we dressed up and had to walk the entire parade. Even the Rowe's Performing Arts girls don't walk the ENTIRE parade. (not the little ones anyway.) And why don't kids get to ride with Santa anymore? That was always the best. Times.. they are a' changin'.