August 10, 2006

Follow up Groin

Yesterday was the followup with the surgeon to get the results of the cat scratch fever test results. Damon went with us to hear what Dr. M had to say. We get in there and he tells us that the test results were negative and that normally he would biopsy the swollen lymph node but since Wade appears to be better he doesn't want to traumatize him like that and he would prefer to take a wait and see approach.

I had brought the pictures of his rash that had appeared the same day that he had started complaining of the groin with me to show him and I also asked him if it was possible that it could be possible that he might have Tularemia. I asked because he has a general not feeling well and headache and my dad had just been diagnosed with this since had been biten by a tick and Wade has been at their house and in the woods with my dad and it is very possible for him to have gotten a tick on him. The dr got very concerned and said just one moment and left the room and then come back and said ok Dr. H will see you downstair right now.

Dr. H is the pediatrician. We went down two floors to see Dr. H and I took her the pictures of the rash from 7/28 and 7/29 and she agreed that it didn't really look like poison oak and she wished I had just brought him in to see her that day. I told her that I called the phone nurse and she claimed to have not received the call on Friday. She told me in the future to not even bother calling the phone nurse if he has something weird like that to just call and tell appointments that I need an appointment immediately per Dr. H and bring him in that day.

So, back to the groin thing, the lymph node has gone down so we are taking a wait and see approach and if Wade starts to run a fever for no apparent reason then I am to bring him in or if he breaks out in another rash for no apparent reason. She spoke with the infection disease dr on staff and she agreed Dr. H decision to take the wait and see approach because giving Wade the antibiotics for Tularemia would be more harmful than good if he doesn't have it.