August 02, 2006

Painful Groins

On Friday, Wade complained of pain in his groin area. When I tried to examine the area he just about jumped out of his skin. I had my husband look at it because he has had a hernia in the area before and that is what he figured it might be. So on Monday I called and scheduled an appt to get it looked at.

Tuesday morning we go in to get the groin pain checked on. The doc checks it out and can tell something is there but isn't sure if it is a hernia or swollen lymph node. So she schedules us with a surgeon for 1:15 that afternoon. Great... I have to kill almost 4 hrs in a town that I have nothing to do. FUN!!

We filled out the paperwork at the surgeon's office...that took all of 15 minutes....its now 9:30...hmm what to do now. Off to Hobby Lobby we go. We walk around slowly. Wade gets bored easily. He finds a cheap toy with two small wooden airplanes and 3 parachutes men in it. We get it and leave. Crap it is only 10am. We go to Old Navy since they just reopened. Look around a little bit, go next door to Office Depot to look at envelopes like Lisa suggested (what size did you get Lisa?), then we go next door to Books a Million...ah a place to kill some time. We stayed a little while then he got bored again and was ready to go. We is still only 11am. So we go eat lunch at Wendy's (his choice...I was going to choose a place with a playground). We are done by 11:30 so we go to a park type place that has track to walk on and we went and walked for 30 minutes. Then we just sat in the truck with the a/c for a while. Finally 1pm rolled around and we could go to the dr's office.

We saw Dr. M. This was the most redneck surgeon I have ever seen. He came in with scrubs on, his hospital white coat, and these rubber boots like you would see someone wearing fishing or hunting. He even had a dip in his mouth. LOL. He tells Wade he needs to see examine his parts and tells him he isn't sure what he calls them and then says "umm your gonads, nuts...what do you calls them?" So Wade nuts" Of course Wade was nervous anyway so he didn't like having a man examining his parts. Dr. M thought his right testicle has gone back up in him so he sent us for an u/s at 2:30. Great more waiting.

Funny story: After the doc left the room, Wade stuck his hand down in his pants and I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I know it was there so I'm checking to see where it went?"

I told him ... "well son you are looking on the wrong side he said it was the right side"

He says, "oh yeah that's right" so he checks the right side and says "its there, I knew it was".

We go at 2:30 for the u/s. The lady was real nice but she scared the crap out of me at the end. It took about an hour of her doing the scan. She first did his scrotum to make sure his "nuts" were where they were supposed to be and they both were. So she goes up to the area where it was painful and you could definately see something there. She couldn't tell me if it was a lump/mass, whole or what. She took lots of pictures and then tells Wade to stay there while she goes to talk to the radiologist to see if he wants any more pictures or to see if he wants to look at it himself. Ten minutes later she comes back and says ok get dressed and go back up stairs to the surgeons office and he will give you the results the radiologist just talked to him.

So back upstairs we go. We found out it was not a hernia but a swollen lymph node. So he sends us downstairs for bloodwork to check for Cat Scratch Fever. Well he hasn't been around any cats so I know it isn't that but yet we have to wait the 3-5 days for the test results because they want to rule that out first.

So I'm a nervous wreck now that I have done internet searches on what it could be. Let's hope the nurse is right and it is just an infection somewhere.


Pajamas & Photos said...

((hugs)) I hope you get it figured out and he feels better soon!

iammama said...

I'm wondering if the rash Wade had and the inflamed lymph node are related. I know often times after an infection of sorts there can be a painful lymph node to show up. Got my fingers crossed for you.