August 02, 2006

Illness has taken hold of the household again

Most of July was consumed with me recovering from surgery on June 30th and then a post op infection. Then on Friday July 28th the daycare calls to say that Wade has a rash on his hands and face and they wanted me to come get him. So I do and upon getting him I determine he has come in contact with something he is apparently allergic to and he has scratched and therefore spread it to his face and neck. I made a call to the dr's office on Friday because of the rash but also because of he was complaining of some pain in his groin area(will explain this in another post). They didn't bother to call me back...this made me angry. But we just kept up the Benadryl and hydrocortizone cream. Saturday morning rolls around his poor face was horrible.

After another call tot he dr's office, they finally called back and called him in some steriods. Within 2 hours his face was looking 75% better. We have decided it must have been poison oak from a tree that was cut down on Thursday that caused the break out.