April 06, 2008


Well, soccer season has started and is in full swing. We had our first games on Saturday. Adam and Wade both had a game at 9am and Brian wasn't until 11:30am. Adam's got started on time or maybe even a little early because we had a referee. Wade's, however, didn't get started on time. At Adam's halftime Damon and I switched so that he could watch Adam play. I got down to see Wade just as they were starting. By the time Wade's team got to half time, Adam's game was over and Damon got to watch Wade play too. Adam's team won and Wade's team lost. Of course, Wade's team had only gotten to practice one time due to all the rain last week. After Wade's game, we went home to put on warmer clothes since we froze during their games. Then we went back to the ball park to watch Brian play. Brian's team lost too. I think that was because the team they were playing had a lot of players that were returning from the Fall and they knew what they were doing. Brian's team only had 2 people that had played in the Fall.

Oh well, they had fun. All three boys got to play goalie and did very well. Wade has played before so he acted like he knew what to do. Brian acted as if he was scared of the ball. He didn't do much to go out of his way to stop the ball. Adam just wasn't too sure about it at all. He has been excited to play all week and then when it came down to it he just wasn't sure of what to make of it. Hopefully, next weekend it will be warmer for them.


The Procter's said...

Way to neat! They will get the hang of it. When was you coming this way again?