July 11, 2006

I work in Antarctica

Or so it seems lately. Even though it is a blistering 95 degrees outside it is a very chilly 65 degrees inside. Despite many protests and many pleas it seems it is either an all or nothing thing. We can either have it hotter than Hades inside or a meat locker...take your pick. Management apparently picked meat locker.

I am frequently going to the restroom to run my hands under warm water to warm them up and taking my breaks outside just to warm up because this is insane. I should not have to come dressed for winter in the middle of the summer. I am writing this sitting here with my fleece jacket on and my fleece blanket wrapped around me and wish I had some kind of snow boots on because my toes are like ice cubes.

Until next time...


Mama Duck said...

Ugh, they do that everywhere I go down here too!!

Red said...

That's awful! I'd be griping up a storm!