April 15, 2008

Finally home!!

After being in the hospital for 5 days, Damon is finally home. The doc didn't believe the minor blockages he saw were the source of the pain. However, Damon has not had any chest pain since the procedure. We can't help but think that the doc knocked something loose when he put the catheter in and injected the dye.

Of course, the stay would not have been complete without Damon scaring the crap out of me and nurse. About 7:30 this morning, Damon woke up and felt fine other than being a little sore. He went to roll over and all hell broke loose. He was in excruciating pain where his cath was put in. We aren't sure what caused the pain but it put him into shock for about 15 minutes. The shock is what scared us so bad because his BP dropped to 90/57 and his pulse was really low. They did a CT scan and EKG almost immediately after his BP came back up. They wanted to make sure he wasn't bleeding out at the procedure site on the inside. Once the doc got the results, he ordered an ultrasound of the area just to be certain that everything was fine in the area.

All turned out well and Damon did fine the rest of the day other than a little dizziness and getting winded when he walks too far. Of course those are probably just from being in the bed all weekend.