April 27, 2008

Pictures from the weekend

I had a busy weekend this weekend. Friday evening I went to a beauticontrol spa night. Saturday morning we had soccer from 9am until about 12:15pm. Then we had Kolby's birthday party at 2pm. Then on Sunday I had a Mary Kay party to go to.

Here are few pictures from Saturday's events.

Miss Gracie was jammin' to some tunes on the cd player and was not happy when anyone tried to help her with it. Oh the joys of an almost 2 yr old that wants to be so independent.

Gracie spyed me taking pictures of her and she decided to give me a grin.
This is Gracie's sister that was deep in thought watching "Bubba" play soccer. "Bubba" is on Brian's soccer team.
Meet the newest member of the Dragoo family. His older brother, Joel, plays on Adam's soccer team. He is only 11 days old and this was his second soccer game to attend. His first one he was only 4 days old.
This is Mario. He is one of our best soccer players on Adam's team. He was deep in thought while concentrating on the ball.

Here is Brian getting ready to kick the ball with an opponent close by ready to take the ball away.

Matthew enjoying a tasty chip with dip at Kolby's party.
After the chip and dip. You can see some of the dip on his mouth.
Kolby opening his first gift from his parents. He got a bb gun which is exactly what he wanted. You can tell by the look on his face that he was excited. And last but certainly not least, below is Kolby trying out his new mini skateboard that I gave him.