April 14, 2008

Heart Cath

Well, Damon has been in the hospital all weekend. He was admitted straight from the md's office to the hospital to get control of his pain and to watch him. We waited all weekend for a transfer from GSMC in Marshall to Longview Regional due to our insurance.

He is having constant chest pain that only subsides after taking a nitro pill. Within a couple of hours he is hurting again. The hospital has controlled the pain for the most part with nitro and nubain. We finally got our transfer to regional at about 2:30 pm. By the time I got here, Damon was already in his room so I got him registered and everything. I got up to the room only to find that he has to share a room with 75+ yr old man. And OMG the room reaks of old and stinks so bad. I decided to go down and try to get him moved to a private room. Well wouldn't you know they didn't have any available. When I talked to the nurse, she informed me that the cath lab nurses were waiting in his room for me.

So I get back in the room to find that they have him loaded up and ready to go to the cath lab. So I sit here alone waiting for an update on how things are going and if they will find anything wrong with my husband. I have no friends or family to sit with me because we had no idea they were going to be doing the heart cath this evening. We figured they wouldn't do it simply because Damon had eaten lunch at noon. So they just have him more nubain and are deadening the area with a local anesthetic and proceeding.

I'm really not sure how I am feeling at this moment. I am relieved that we were finally moved to Regional due to insurance issues. But then again I am nervous due to all the possibly things that could go wrong. I should be so worried since Brian has had two heart cath's in the last four years. I think I am just worried about the unknown. I am stressed because I have no one here with me to take my mind off of things.

So, to pass the time I am blogging about the occasion. I should be getting updates soon. I will update you all once I have some answers.