October 27, 2008

My baby got glasses today

Last week I received a letter from the school nurse stating Adam had failed his vision test and needed to be examined by an eye doctor. I called on Tuesday and the nurse stated that she had examined him twice (once in Sept. and once in Oct.) and he failed both times with 20/200 eyesight. I was really hoping he was having an off day.

I called to make an appointment with the local eye dr and explained the situation. They got us in on Thursday afternoon. We saw one of the new eye dr's, Dr. C. He was awesome. He had lots of patience with Adam which is a big plus because that made Adam tolerate the exam so much more. He did determine that Adam needed -3.75 in one eye and -3.50 in the other. So we found some cheap glasses and they said it would be Monday afternoon before we could pick them up. I went ahead and paid the extra to make sure they were shatterproof.

So after school today, Adam went and picked up his glasses. He wasn't too thrilled to have to wear them all the time. He is finding any excuse to take them off.

Here is my little ham in his new glasses.