October 29, 2008

Ugh....my car

My car is messed up now because a college kid rear-ended me since a dumb shit was sitting still at a green light in front of me. I had already blew my horn at the man and eased up a bit before she hit me. She hit me hard enough to mess up my bumper and then push me into the car in front of me. Her car had to be towed because it messed up her front bumper and busted her radiator and crushed a hood like an accordian. My car probably had $600-$800 in damage. Her car probably has $4000 worth of damage. The car I bumped shouldn't have any damage at all because it just dented my license plate on the front.

Of course, I am now starting to get sore. Hopefully Adam won't be feeling any effects from it. He was rather upset that his Sonic drink spilled in the floor board. If I am too sore tomorrow I will go to the doc because there is no way I can work when my back is killing me.


The Guider said...

Hope you're ok, what bad luck!