October 29, 2008

Wade's party

<----Here is a picture of the birthday boy.

We make it a tradition to let the boys choose where they want to eat or what they want me to fix for supper on their birthday. Wade chose Jalapeno Tree, which is a local Mexican restaurant. We weren't too satisfied with our service because our waitress was so busy that she kept forgetting us and she forgot that we told her it Wade's birthday so he didn't get his "treat" and they didn't sing to him. Needless to say, she didn't get a great tip.

We came home and Wade got his birthday cake and his gift. We only give the boys one gift on their actual birthday and hold the rest until their party. We are going to hold off on his party until we get moved into our new house, which should be within the next two weeks. Wade got money from my mom and the movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brendan Frasier. Here is a picture of Wade's Bass fishing cake. I think The Bake Shoppe did a pretty awesome job with it. Definitely a better job that any cake I have ever received from Brookshire's or Wal-mart.

Of course, I can't leave off my other two boys....here is a picture them from tonight too.