October 29, 2008

Wade is 10 today

10 years ago today, I was on my way to the hospital. I had been scheduled for a c/s just a mere two days earlier. You see, the doc was concerned about Wade's size because I was only 38 weeks and was measuring 45 weeks. The doc decided to have an u/s done to check his size. It was discovered that the cord was floating below his head which could have been very dangerous for both of us had my water broke. It was also discovered that Wade weighed a whooping 10 lbs +/- 1/2 lb.

So on Thursday, Oct. 29th, 1998, I went into surgery with Damon by side at 7:30am and at 8:02 am, Derrick Wade was born. He weighed in at 9lbs 9oz and 21 inches long. His head was larger than the 10cm incision so the doc had to use the vacuum extractor to get him out. He had a bruise on his forehead for a few days.

We got to come home 2 days later on Halloween. I had been give a santa clause outfit by my Nov 98 cybershower buddy. Unfortunately, since Wade was large, the SC outfit would not fit by the time Christmas rolled around, so Wade was Santa Clause for his first Halloween. Yes just two days after a c/s I took my "santa clause" and "Darth Vader" trick-or-treating. Of course ,we only went to see family but Brian was only 3 so he didn't know the difference.

Wade is 10 today and he is active playing soccer and struggling through the 4th grade. We are holding off on his party until we get moved into our new house. I will post pictures later.


The Guider said...

Wow, first Jackson, now Wade...the clock is ticking down on our Nov 98ers turning 10! Happy Birthday Wade!