October 31, 2008

What is going on?

There has been so many tragedies effect the young families in Panola County in the last month. It started with a boy from Gary ISD being diagnosed with Leukemia, then Oct 9th, an 8th grader in Carthage was diagnosed with AML. A week later Cody B. (whose wife is a teacher at CJHS) was diagnosed with APL which is a form of AML. I heard two days ago that Rusty E. had a heart attack and this morning had a triple bypass. And just now I found out that Valerie Ritter, who graduated the year before me, passed away due to a long battle with Cancer.

Cancer is rampant in Panola County. I know it is everywhere but there are so many people that have had cancer from Panola County or the spouses of a Panola County resident has cancer. We have got to find a cure. Be sure to support the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life. RFL is the largest fundraiser that ACS has each year.

Please respond to my blog with a small note of who you know has cancer and what kind of cancer.

These are the people that I know of that have either had cancer or have succomed to cancer.

  • Sandra Weaver Hudson -- pancreatic cancer -- passed away in 2005
  • Minnie Weaver -- melanoma --removed and in remission
  • Leigh Anna Shubert -- AML -- in remission
  • Mary Jo Shubert -- Ovarian Cancer -- removed and in remission
  • Rebeka Shubert -- melanoma -- removed and in remission
  • Alisha Shubert -- melanoma -- removed and in remission
  • Tripp Penner -- AML -- in remission
  • Cody Baldree -- APL (a form of AML) -- receiving treatment
  • Jacob Boniol -- AML -- receiving treatment
  • Mandy Davis' husband -- receiving treatment
  • Ginger Gates' husband -- unsure of his status
  • Valerie Ritter -- passed away due to a long battle with cancer -- 2008
  • Roger Brightwell -- pancreatic cancer -- passed away due to cancer -- 2005 or 2006
  • Macy Isbell -- AML -- considered cured 5 yrs in remission
  • Gertie Denton -- ovarian cancer -- passed away due to cancer
  • Allen Joe Hicks -- passed away due to long battle with cancer -- 2008
  • Mozelle Bixler -- aggressive breast cancer -- passed away due to cancer -- 2006
  • Ted Leach -- Liver Cancer --passed away due to cancer -- 2008
  • Kenneth Owens -- lung cancer -- passed away due to cancer -- 2004
  • Wanda Hanzen -- breast cancer -- receiving treatment
  • Sallie Lipsey -- breast cancer -- receiving treatment
  • Joni Reed -- breast cancer -- in remission
  • Nicole Coleman -- in remission
  • Shannon Ramage Knight -- thyroid cancer -- in remission/cured thyroid removed -- 1991
  • Linda Murphy -- breast cancer -- receiving treatment
I know there are many more that I am forgetting. Please feel free to share your family or friends that have cancer currently or have passed on and I will add them so that others can pray for their family and them during treatments.