July 09, 2006

Dr's office's are supposed to get it right

Transferred from Myspace, posted on May 22nd 2006

A little back story here my oldest son got a rusty fish hook in his calf on Saturday and so we had go today to get a tetanus shot. I should have known it was going to be a bad afternoon when I got behind every single slow person possible. It took me nearly an hour to get there when it normally only takes 45 minutes.

Any way, we get there and the nurse gives him the tetanus shot and they go ahead and give him the other half of his hep A shot. B isn't happy about it but he does fine. He asks to go to Wal-Mart after we are done so we do. While we are there my cell phone rings. It is the dr's office. The nurse asks if I am still in town. I say that I am and ask why and she proceeds to tell me that she gave B the wrong shot and it won't hurt him but he must have the tetanus shot so I need to bring him back to the dr's office. She also assures me that I won't be charged for the MMR shot that they mistakenly gave him and the tetanus shot they are going to give him correctly when we return. Which I could care less if they are going to charge me for the tetanus shot since that is what I came for in the first place but I'll be damned if they are going to charge me for a damn shot he wasn't supposed to get in the first place.

The dr assures us that B will be fine with his SVT and he is just extra protected against MMR & chicken pox now. I know people make mistakes and all but damn what if my child had been allergic to that shot. What if it this somehow causes B to go into an SVT spell. I already stress enough worrying if my child is going have an SVT spell and I don't need to worry about the damn nurse screwing up and me wondering whether he is going to have a spell or not.