July 09, 2006

Punk Ass Thieves

Transferred from Myspace, posted on July 4th 2006

Ok so we just moved to this house a month ago. We've be leary about bring the kids bikes over because we really don't have a place to store them outside. We finally went and got the kids bikes and brought them to the house on Saturday. Well we had them here all of 2 days and some punk ass theif stole my oldest son's bike out of our back yard. Naturally I can't afford to run out and buy him a new Mongoose bike like he had right now. He's distraught because he loved that bike. He got it for his birthday. We called the cops and made a police report but it is very unlikely they will ever recover it.

Just really sucks that some little $hit had to come take my baby's bike.


rmgales said...

What a sad story. People have no values or morals these days. They don't stop to think about the trauma the child will experience from having their bike stolen. Good luck getting him a new one.