July 09, 2006

WTF is wrong with teachers nowadays

Transferred from Myspace which was posted on May 22nd 2006

My middle son's teacher is such a witch.

I have had nothing but trouble out of this witch all year. If my child doesn't write perfectly the teacher counts off for it and you would think the damn world was going to end because his damn m's aren't touching the lines. He is in the damn first grade woman get a grip.

So last week she sends a little nasty gram home telling us that he just isn't performing at first grade level and she wants a parent teacher conference....umm school ends in 1 1/2 it's a little late bitch. Besides that we had already gotten all his standardized test scores and he had passed all the tests and didn't really good on them. After I got the little nasty gram I called the counselor and talked to her and she pulled his file and said "well I show here that he passed the required material and is passed the 2nd grade".

I had already commented to my husband last week that W was already doing harder work than B did in the 1st grade. I don't remember B reading that well and doing hard of math problems in 1st grade. And doing ABC order in 1st grade. But yet W isn't performing up to 1st grade level.

Here is the real kicker...W was so excited this weekend when he realized that he only had 4 days of school left. Then I made the comment that he would get to go to the new school next year when he goes to 2nd grade. He says "no I don't I have do stay in my school that I am at this year because Mrs. M says I am failing 1st grade". I told him no he wasn't. And he says yes I am just look at my work you can look at my papers and I have failing grades and I am going to fail first grade. Mrs M says I am going to fail first grade because I just can't do the work and I am not good enough to go to 2nd grade.

OMG I wanted to hunt the witch down and kick her ass right then. Thank god it was a Sunday and I don't know where she lives. I have calmed down a little bit and decided it might be best if I just talk to the principal and let them talk to the teacher because I might say something I regret but I refuse to let that witch get away with talking to my son that way and making him feel worthless and telling him he is failing when in fact he is passing and failing very few papers that he has brought home.

God I hate very few people and this woman is one of them.