July 10, 2006

Non stop Fighting

Does it ever stop?

It seems that since the summer has started there has been non stop fighting in this household amongst the boys. If it isn't Brian and Wade it is Wade and Adam. It drives me insane. And over nothing most of the time. Brian instigates a lot of the fights that start between him and Wade so I think Wade in turn thinks he has to start fights between him and Adam.

Take this weekend for example. Brian was supposed to have had a friend come over Saturday to stay the night. When it came time to go get him, Brian called to get exact directions to his house and he wasn't home. He continued to call until 8pm. Brian was hurt and upset. So instead of ranting and raving about it he just was a PITA and took it out on Wade instead. He wanted to be mean and hateful and turn off the tv. Not just turn it off on the tv...I mean turn it off, unplug it, unplug the satellite, everything so it takes Wade a good 15 minutes to hook it all back up just to watch TV. I'm telling you he was being a little PITA.

Wade in turn just takes stuff away from Adam since he is only 3. He won't let him follow him around, etc. Typical stuff that 7 year olds do and 3 year olds don't understand and then throw in a few random punchs and a few "oh I'm sorry I didn't mean it" with me saying "yeah right".

So here I sit at midnight night in the nice peace and quiet enjoying my alone time. I really should be sleeping since I have to get up in less than 6 hours to go to work. But for some reason I can't seem to unwind and go to sleep. I'm enjoying my alone time way to much after all the bickering and fighting today.

Argh...the life in a house full of testosterone....where's the calgon when you need it?